Top Five Odd Celeb Relationships Of All Time

Failed Celeb Couples

Stars routinely shift around husbands and wives as much as they change their underwear. A small amount of couples last for a little while before breaking it off, while others are a totally disaster straight
from the start. Partnerships should be taken extremely genuine, but for some unknown logic quite a few famous people don’t or they involve themselves into these crazy partnerships that is simply no good from the beginning. Below are the Top Five Odd Famous Companionships Of All Time:

1. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

2. Drew Barrymore and Tom Green

3. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

4. Paris Hilton and Nick Carter

5. LaToya Jackson and Jack Gordon

This mini list of actor and actress couples have done one or the other such as slept around with multiple people, physically abused and countless of other things to each other. These are the unhealthiest relationships the world of famous people has witness and I am certain there are much more horrible partners to come our way. I hope in the not so far future celebs will choose their boyfriends and girlfriends more logically.

Successful Famous Men

Dude artists, actors and models are consistently expected to be fit and look definitely sexy.  The sexier they are more babe supporters they can get and everyone knows that chick fans will spend money and do what they can for them. These dudes are always in the lime light and have their family and so much more discussed about. These dudes have to make certain that their charm is constantly on top and to keep their girl supporters content. Besides from being hot these celebrities are very gifted and proud of their career. Below is a mini list of Top Five Most Talented Male Celebs Of 2012:

1. Paul Walker

2. Christian Bale

3. Penn Badgley

4. Brad Pitt

5. Gerard Bulter

As always there are tons of other men artists, actors and models that could have been on this small list, but at this moment these are our leading dudes. They are simply handsome to stare at and several chicks like their films or music. Do not forget to keep checking back for more amazing star posts!